7 Facts About Finding a Job in Dubai

Being the fourth best place in the ranking to live and work, UAE has now become a business hub, and many people are considering relocating to Dubai. The state-of-the-art infrastructure, endless opportunities, luxury lifestyle, and tax-free income are the prime reasons for shifting to the emirate.

The city offers plenty of business opportunities for people to exploit. Whether searching for the best spot for entrepreneurship, business or hunting for a job to settle in the state, Dubai is the best place to start as it provides unlimited growth chances.

Every state has its own laws and rules obligatory for residents and tourists. However, business opportunities come with responsibilities. The employment law in Dubai renewed and took effect this year has enhanced employment rights to make the country more competitive and attract world-class talent.

According to law, employers and employees both have some responsibilities concerning time, services, safety, and other job-related matters. Understanding and implementing labour laws is a prerequisite to benefiting from business opportunities.

If you are planning to shift to Dubai, below are some facts you should know beforehand to foresee what’s coming and make a strategy.

1. Dubai labour law and rights

Employment law in the UAE has given opportunities to both employers and employees to have a better working environment and build good professional bonds. According to the law, employees are given 30 days of annual leaves with additional public holidays.

Moreover, if your employer demands extra working hours on your day off, you get a day in lieu of your daily wage with a 50% addition to it.  

In addition to that, employers cannot offer a probation period of more than six months, and giving a notice period of two days is mandatory before termination. Similarly, employees should also give a notice period of a month before leaving during the probation period. The duration can be reduced to 14 days in case of leaving the country.

Besides, the new labour law strictly prohibits discrimination for race, sex, colour, religion, and nationality and also sets a new minimum wage which is a bounty for employees. It also gives mourning leave rights depending on their relationship with the deceased, and mothers get 45 days of maternity leave while fathers are permitted five days’ paid leave.

If your employer does not follow the law, you can file a case against his actions. Find a renowned Law Firm in Dubai like Davidson & Co, and the lawyer will guide you through the procedure in case you do not know already.

2. The job market in Dubai

Dubai offers plenty of job opportunities as the UAE has experienced a boost in the last decade. Furthermore, the emirate has the world’s lowest unemployment rate, which proves you will see unlimited job options once you get there. Some websites offer to check the vacancies in the reputed private firms in Dubai before leaving your country, thereby, you can plan what to do once you get there.

3. Salaries in the emirate

As said above, the new labour law has set a fixed minimum wage. The residents can get between 600 to 3000 AED depending on their degree and experience. Furthermore, presenting yourself in the best and more competent way affects your salary. If you have good talking skills and a master of playing with words, you are likely to get a pretty good wage.

The point is to represent yourself as a competitive person who rules the job description. In case you do not get a competitive salary, hire a lawyer from renowned law firms in Dubai, like Davidson & Co, to handle the matter cautiously.   

4. The work environment of Dubai

At this point, you will find a city no different than your homeland. Like other countries, you have to work 8 hours, five days a week. As it is an Islamic state, the working hours get reduced to 6 or 7 hours in the holy month of Ramadan.   

5. What you will need to get a job in Dubai

Now that you know the laws and working environment of the emirate, what are the requirements of working in the UAE? Be in touch to find out:

6. Work visa

Needless to say, foreigners cannot work in the UAE without a visa. Your employer will sponsor you, and in case of being overseas, you will get a preliminary visa, and the ministry will give you 2 months to complete the formalities. In addition, keep your educational certificates authenticated from the Dubai embassy and the ministry of foreign affairs of your country.

7. Language

There are no language berries for fluent English speakers. However, some companies prioritize Arabic speakers.

Starting a new life in Dubai may seem hard, but the city offers endless job opportunities coupled with zero taxable income and other perks. Make sure to hire a competitive lawyer if you see law violations at the workplace.

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