Benefits of swimming in our well-being

Discover the benefits of swimming for our health and well-being

Did you know that swimming of lifeguard class near me is a traditional Olympic discipline that was also part of the first edition of the modern Olympic Games , Athens 1896? And that it has seventeen variants, in addition to including women’s competitions since 1912? What you surely know is that swimming is considered the most complete sport of all and highly recommended for our health and well-being due to the benefits of swimming in our lives.

Regardless of whether you practice it at a professional or amateur level, swimming is an aerobic exercise that is performed in a lower pressure environment. Ideal environment to recover injuries and increase our well -being . In this way, practicing swimming positively affects our health and improves our quality of life

Interestingly, swimming is one of the few that can be done at any stage of life. Of course, we must take certain precautions to practice swimming safely .

Swimming, the sport of (and for) life

Swimming is based on the ability to stay afloat through our movement. This means that it is a sport that requires both endurance and strength . Although it is true, technique is the most important quality, since it will make our movements more efficient and agile.

The technique of this discipline takes time to learn because our body is seen in an environment that is not natural for the human being. That is why while surface activities are easier to internalize, swimming has a higher learning curve.

Why swim? Benefits of swimming for our health

Swimming, being a complete aerobic sport that is performed in an unconventional environment, influences us in certain aspects. The first of these is concentration . Holding our breath and coordinating our movements to float insulates us from problems.

It also reduces stress and, consequently, improves our mood and self- esteem . In addition to this, it helps us to strengthen the body or correct posture , among other benefits of swimming for a healthy life .

As for its practice, pregnant women , babies and elderly people or with some motor problem, will be able to exercise thanks to the lower gravity in the water.

Objectives when practicing swimming: the most complete sport of all and for our well-being

The main objective: well-being, like any sport within an active life . Although, thanks to its unique characteristics, swimming with lifeguard class near me offers us other goals appropriate to our level and needs. These will define our training and the diet that we must follow. Here are the most common:

  • Formative : learning;
  • Recovery: to overcome an injury;
  • Keep fit: lose weight or tone the body;
  • Relaxation : to relieve stress and improve our well-being,

Physical aspects to practice swimming and have a healthy life


Strength is an important aspect in swimming when it comes to diving and kicking . This, in line with the technique will increase our resistance. Movement efficiency is essential for this.

Of course, we can increase strength based on a greater intensity of training, the use of weights or visiting the gym . The diet also contributes to building muscle tissue. To do this, it must be based on carbohydrates and proteins, without forgetting foods rich in iron .


Resistance, as in other sports, is achieved through practice. As it is a different medium, running more will not ensure a great endurance in the water lifeguard class near me. The movement of the muscles and the relationship with the environment varies so much that our body must adapt. In this way, the way to increase resistance in our swimming sessions is to take care of breathing , have a good technique and have a balanced diet .


As in any sport, the coordination of breathing with exercise is vital for its development. In addition, it directly influences the resistance, so it should be controlled correctly inside and outside the glass .

Live an active life while swimming safely

Although swimming is a friendlier sport with our muscles and joints , it still requires strength and endurance. That is why we have to take into account some basic precepts before jumping into the pool.

Tips to consider

Before commenting on swimming, we must take into account our physical condition . In other words, knowing our body and its limits is essential for any sport and that it does not take its toll on our health and well-being . This will determine the time and the exercises that we must perform. It will also mark our progression.

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