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Drawing For Kids, the Christmas season is almost approaching! Soon it will be time to deck the halls of your house with everything Christmas-related, including a tree, lights, and perhaps even a blow-up reindeer in the yard. The jolly old Saint Nicholas himself is the most well-known Christmas symbol.

And learning how to draw him might be enjoyable when you genuinely want to get into the holiday spirit. Anyone can follow ten simple stages to learn how to draw Santa Claus, so don’t worry if you’re not an accomplished artist.

Flow Drawing Advantages:

  • It’s good to encourage kids to try even though the technique of flowing more organically in the art could initially feel a little strange to them. The advantages of flow drawing are many, and it aids in developing hands and minds in:
  • Examine how smaller shapes can be combined to produce more significant structures.
  • Discover their inherent rhythm and flow by making repeated movements.
  • Discover how to mix media using a simple and enjoyable method.
  • Gain self-assurance in one’s artistic talent.
  • Combat “perfection-seeking” in art by offering a much-needed replacement for strict “how to draw” instructions.
  • Increase mental health and creativity by incorporating mindfulness.
  • Encourage a passion for art and self-expression.

1: Beginning with the body:

  • It’s simple to learn how to draw Santa Claus! Draw a big circle for Santa’s body because he is a round, merry man. Make a smaller circle for his head next; it looks best if it slightly overlaps. The overlapping lines may be colored over or deleted afterward, so don’t worry about them.

2: Place a Face on Santa:

  • Are you trying to figure out how to draw the face of Santa Claus? Santa wouldn’t be the same without his distinctive eyes and beard! These should be added to the smaller circle above and below the body’s drawn line. These should also have a circle drawn around them.
  • It doesn’t appear to be finished, but don’t worry—Santa Claus’ face will be reviewed in the following step. But before you continue, pause for a moment and build Santa’s belt by drawing two broad lines over his body.

3: Add some clothing and a hat:

  • Santa will require some clothing to stay warm since the North Pole is exceptionally frigid. Redraw the smaller circle and a lopsided triangle for the hat to begin. Near the end, add a loop to give Santa his distinctive appearance. While you’re up there, give Santa a mouth below his mustache and add smaller circles to the eye circle for pupils.
  • Next, he returns to his stomach and doodles two lines that arc to the side in the center. Next, draw two more lines that originate from the intersection of your previous two lines and Santa’s belt. The lapels of Santa’s coat will be made out of this.

4: Draw the arms and hands of Santa:

  • Of course, carrying his luggage and delivering toys to kids worldwide is a little challenging without arms and hands! So it would help if you attracted those in right away. Remember that the North Pole is pretty chilly, so that Santa will be donning some lovely mitts!

5: Equipment for Santa Claus:

  • It’s crucial that your Santa Claus drawing includes the appropriate accessories before moving on. Where all the lines on Santa’s body cross, create a belt buckle by using a square inside a square. Draw a second half circle that joins Santa’s body to represent his toy bag.

6: Santa’s Legs Drawn:

  • Your Santa Claus drawing is nearly finished, but he still needs some legs to travel the globe. Draw these at the bottom of the circle and add boots to the ends so Santa can have warm feet.

7: Mark Him Down:

  • Your Santa Claus drawing is finished at this moment! You’ll need some markers, crayons, or colored pencils to color him. Remember that you may go back and remove any lines that overlap in the belt buckle or face areas!
  • Take a moment to reflect on your progress and take a step back. It turns out that drawing Santa Claus wasn’t as difficult as you thought! You now know how to draw Santa Claus quickly whenever you need to, so be on the lookout for the holiday season. But in case you overlook a few, feel free to consult the image below, which has all the instructions needed to draw a simple Santa Claus. Merry Christmas!

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