How to Draw Space A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Draw Space. Few things are as unique and captivating as the infinite reaches of Space. We have been exploring and observing the area for centuries, but our knowledge of what is out there is minimal compared to Space’s vastness. It can be fun to imagine. What may be out there, and to portray it, it can be helpful to learn how to draw length. 

This guide that you are about to follow will give you everything you need to create your space adventure. Get ready for interstellar travel with this step-by-step guide on how to draw Space in just 7 easy steps!

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How to Draw Space let’s Get Started!

Step 1

For this guide on how to draw Space, we’ll draw an astronaut character riding a rocket through the expanse of Space. This clever image captures the charm of space exploration in a fun routine! We will draw a boy as an astronaut, but you can also change the character design if you want! 

To do this, you can begin by drawing a circle figure for the helmet. You can then pull the outlines of the head and hair inside. Then remove a small tube coming down from the hull. You will finish this step and be ready for the next one!

Step 2

We will finish with the astronaut character in this part of your space drawing. Just draw the rest of the facial features, and then you can use various lines and curved shapes for the rest of his body. As we cited, you can also change some pieces to change the character’s arrival.

Step 3

Now that you’ve finished drawing the astronaut, you can add the rocket he’s sitting on to this step of our guide on how to delineate Space. To remove this, we’ll use curved lines to make the rocket’s body. It will also separate into three different segments. 

There will also be some curved fins on the back of the missile, and then you can finish this step by adding a sharp point to the front of the rocket. We will add some more details. To the missile in the next step, so let’s continue!

Step 4

As promised, we will add some points to the rocket as part of this stretch drawing. Mainly for these details, we will draw some rivets on the missile. These will be marked as small round shapes along the lines of the rocket. Then you can use curved lines extending from the back of the rocket to show the trajectory. 

Has been flying. You can finish the rocket by drawing some flames out of the back. Then you are ready to start removing the Space itself! You can add some circles for the various planets in the background.

Step 5

We will continue adding some details to the background in this step of our guide on drawing the Space. These details will be pretty straightforward. As for now, we will outline some stars for the background. 

You can remove these stars by drawing some shapes made up of many small lines crossing each other, as shown in the reference image. You can also attract more or fewer stars according to your preferences for this image. Then we have some final details to add in the next step before we start coloring your drawing.

Step 6

This sixth step of your space drawing will see you finish the final details to be ready for the last action. This step allows you to get creative and add some details! We added a lot of different elements, like curved lines in the background and some details of the planets you drew earlier. We also added a much larger world to the bottom of the image. 

These details will complete the final touches of this guide, but what else can you think of for this image? You could draw more creative planets or add a cool alien ship flying alongside the astronaut. These are just a few ideas out of the many you could opt for, so we can’t wait to see what you’re looking for!

Step 7

All the steps in this guide have led you to this final part, where you can have fun coloring your fantastic image! We showed you how we would color this image, and if you like how it looks, you can use it as a guide while you color your image. This is also a step where you can let your creativity run wild and show us what you think this space scene should look like. 

Space is filled with many amazing sights and colors, so there are no limits to how you can color your artwork. You can also experiment with your favorite art tools and media, so how will you finish your Space drawing with your colors?

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