How to Find The Perfect Coffee Grinder?

If you love a great cup of coffee, then you should get the best coffee maker for your home. Once you have purchased a suitable coffee maker for your home, now you want to take the next step and grind your own coffee beans with a coffee grinder to make that perfect cup of coffee. 

At this point, you may think about which coffee grinder you should buy. When you go on shopping, you will find a large number of different brands on the market and get confused. But, if you follow the tips on buying the best coffee grinder that has the exact features to fit your personal requirements, you will surely make a clear choice. Take a look at the below-mentioned points for better guidance:

Before you do anything, you need to know about the types of coffee grinders. Coffee grinders are divided into two basic categories. So, there are two types of grinders; blade grinders and burr grinders. The key to purchasing the best coffee grinder is to know the benefits and drawbacks of each. 

Types of Coffee Grinders

Blade grinders

These types of grinders are quite similar to the rotary yard mower, which has blades on the bottom that spin and mow the grass. In the case of blade coffee grinders, they have a blade that spins at very high speeds to slice and chop the coffee bean. However, blade grinders have some benefits and some drawbacks. They are usually less costly and will last longer than a burr grinder, which is amazing if you are on a fixed budget. 

Blade grinders also used to cut and chop other objects like flaxseed or herbs which can extend their service quite a bit. But you need to keep in mind that blade grinders can usually be very challenging to clean after you have used them for herbs that can leave the edges heavily coated or stained. When it comes to grinding, blade grinders usually create a grind that goes from fine dust to larger particles of ground beans.

Burr grinders

Burr grinders consist of a main abrasive wheel and an abrasive non-moving outer cover. The main wheel and the outer surface grind the coffee bean. This type of coffee grinder can be broken down even further between a rotation burr grinder and a conical burr grinder. The rotation burr grinder rotates faster and can be louder than the conical type. Burr grinders are more costly than blade grinders, but they deliver an outstanding ground coffee bean. Blade grinders also tend to deliver more heat so there could be more of a movement to leave the beans with a bit of a roasted flavor, which is another small drawback. 

Burr grinders usually take longer to crush the coffee beans, but the time is usually minimal as compared to a blade grinder. Moreover, the burr grinder is still a good choice unless you are always in an unusual hurry. Blade grinders will perform well when preparing the beans for a classic coffee but if you are looking to make something better like espresso, then a burr grinder will do considerably better work preparing the beans. 

Conical grinder

With a conical grinder, you can usually pick an outcome from fine to coarse. Most coffee fans agree that a grinder, especially one with a conical grinder, allows you to grind a finer bean and the coffee tastes much better in the long run.

But, while burr grinders may appear like the most suitable choice if money is not a concern, you also have to understand that burr grinders are more challenging to clean than the blade style. If you just want to have that great-tasting coffee, then wait for the longer and harder cleaning methods for a burr grinder. You also need to keep in mind that burr grinders are usually much bigger in the size than the blade type. So if space is the primary concern, you may have to explore long and hard to find one that works your counter space. 


Besides these simple basics, there are other features of coffee grinders that you may or may not like. Some models offer processes of measurement to automatically decide the number of beans you need for the exact number of cups of coffee you want to make. Though keep in mind that beyond the basics of choosing the right grind in your commercial coffee beans, these features may take away from putting more money into a more pleasing style of grinder to grind with.

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