How To Position Or Place A Rug In A Living Room

Whenever you are going to do the decor of your home then among all important floor covering is the rug because without it the simple carpet will hve no meaning. It can add warmth and texture to a room and act as a focal point or anchor for other decorative pieces. In this post, we’ll talk about how to put or place a rug in your living room so that it looks the best.

Room Size And Rug Size

There is yet to be a definitive answer for how big a rug should be in the living room, and it depends on the size of the room and the other furniture and decorations in it. A good rule of thumb is that the rug should cover about 60% of the length and width of the area where people sit.

Let’s Choose a Better Spot to Place Rug Whenever you have decided the spot to place the rug, there are many things to think about. The room’s shape is just as important as the size of the rug. When deciding where to put your rug, you should also consider how your furniture is set up and how people move through the room. 

  1. If you have a big living room, put a big rug in the Centre. 
  2. In the case of a small living room your rug should be small enough that it keeps the grace and does not take too much space.
  3. The shape of your space will also tell you where to put your rug. If your living room is shaped like a rectangle, place the rug in the middle. 
  4. But if your living room is square, you should put the rug aside. When putting furniture where you want it, ensure all four legs of each piece are on the carpet. This makes everything look the same and gets rid of any uncomfortable spaces. 
  5. Regarding traffic flow, ensure enough room around the rug’s edge for people to walk without tripping over it.

How to Find the Center of a Rug in a Big Room

Now its the time to put rug in the room then there are some hidden things to consider the true facts which are 

  1. The first is the size of the room. You need to make sure the rug is big enough for the room. 
  2. The room’s layout is the second thing to look at. You must ensure that the rug is symmetrical, so it doesn’t look out of place in the room. 
  3. You should ensure that the rug is too small and too big for the room’s furniture.

The Correct Way to Put the Rug on Specified Space

When choosing an area rug you must decide first where you want the room’s focus to be. After you’ve decided where to put your area rug, you can start to measure its size. 

The beauty of the rug is with the proper theme according to the room decor requirement during rug choice.  You must ensure that the colors go well together and that the pattern goes with the rest of the room. 

If you need help deciding on a color or pattern, look for ideas in magazines or on the Internet.  The next thing is the choice of the place where the rug will show or increase the beauty of any room center like at the sitting area where the rug adds 5 stars when placed in the middle of the sofa set under the table. You should make sure the material is durable and easy to clean. 

Some materials work better in some places than in others. These materials are strong enough that they can handle harsh usage. Once you’ve picked the perfect area rug for your home, it’s time to learn how to put it on the carpet. 

How to Put a Proper Square Rug in the Living Room

  1. When it comes to placing a rectangular rug in a living room, there are a lot of different factors to take into consideration.
  2. Initially, you should make sure that the rug is substantial enough to serve as the focal point of the space.
  1. Choose a rug at least 8 feet by 10 feet as a good rule. Another thing to think about is how the furniture is set up. 
  2. You must ensure that all the furniture’s legs are on the carpet, which will help make the space look and feel more consistent. 
  3. You should ensure enough room for people to move around on the rug without having to step off of it.

How to Stack Rugs to Make a Room Look Better

To make the living room look interesting and well-balanced, you need to stack rugs of different sizes, textures, and colors. Have a look at these recommendations:

  1. Begin by laying down a large area rug in the centre of the room to demarcate the seated area and provide the impression of stability.
  2. Put a small second rug in front of the couch or chairs. This will make things easier and look better. 
  3. Put a third rug under the coffee table for a touch of luxury. 
  4. Try out different materials and patterns to create contrast and visual interest. Mix a rug made of natural fibers with one made of synthetic fibers, or mix rugs of different colors and patterns. 
  5. Be careful to tie rugs together when you stack them so they don’t slide or bunch. Use rug pads or double-sided tape to keep them in place and from getting wrinkled.


Adding a rug to your living room might change how it looks and make it more appealing. Whether you’re looking for a small rug to define a sitting area or a big one to cover most of the floor, we hope our suggestions have helped you decide where to put it in your living room. Creativity and planning make it easy to make a beautiful and comfortable place to host guests or spend time with family.

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