Hygiene in the office: tricks to keep it cared for

The office is the place where we spend a good part of the day, so it is important to keep it clean at all times. Adequate hygiene in the office is essential for us to feel comfortable in our workplace, for productivity to be the best possible, and for us to maintain good health in the office. Of course, what can we do to keep our desktops shiny? Here are the best tricks to keep your office looking its best thanks to office hygiene.

1. The best hygiene in the office is not too dirty

We’re not giving away any secrets at this point: the best cleaning is no mess. That is why we must adopt a series of actions to avoid dirtying our workplace as much as possible. For example, not eating in front of the computer is essential since all the crumbs and food debris fall on the keyboard and then it is more difficult to clean it. If he’s hungry, he takes advantage of the free time to go to a dedicated space like the dining room or the coffee stand in his office. Another way of not making a mess is to limit the number of personal objects on top of our workstations, since the greater the number of things, the greater the difficulty for cleaning and dusting or polishing.

We must also keep the floor clean. Not only our comfort depends on its cleanliness but also, for example, the life of our office supplies. Think about the characteristics of an ergonomic chair you use in your office, most of them have wheels that, with dirt, could get stuck and prevent or hinder your movement around the office. It is therefore essential to keep the workspace in good condition.

2. The very shiny screens

Computer screens are a place where dust and dirt collect easily. That is why from time to time we have to clean our screens carefully. The best way to keep screens bright is to moisten a chamois or cloth with a special cleaning product (which does not contain aggressive chemical components such as ammonia or acetone) for glass and gently pass the cloth over the screen. We should not throw the cleaning product directly on the screen to prevent it from sneaking behind the monitor, nor should we use towels because they can scratch the screen.

3. Dirt-free keyboards

If you can’t avoid eating in front of your computer, then keyboard washing should be done more regularly. To clean it, we recommend it first disconnecting it if we plug it in. Then turn the keyboard over and hit it gently so that all the dirt falls off and even if necessary, the vacuum between keys removes any type of dirt. Finally, take a damp cloth and clean the keys.

4. Print as little as possible

To maintain hygiene in the office, keeping it free of paper is essential. That’s why you have to print only the essential documents and you don’t have to print without control, because then the papers accumulate and can create chaos of cellulose in our desk and office. Today, with the technology we have, we can save ourselves from having to print the vast majority of documents and thus keep our office clean, and free of paper and also help waste paper and help the environment.

5. A trash can always nearby

Many times we are lazy to get up to throw away that wrapper or that piece of writing where we made a mistake, and that is why we leave it all on the desk and it stays there for a long period. For this reason, to avoid distractions, it is better to have a wastebasket near our workspace so that it costs nothing to throw everything away at once and not waste time.

As you can see, these tips are not very difficult to follow, and ensuring that office hygiene is adequate should not involve too much effort. Keeping your office clean will help you be more productive and more comfortable in your own workplace.

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