What good is it for us to have launched the best product or service on the market if nobody knows about it? If we have not promoted it on our website, we have not established ads on the most used social networks or we have not launched an advertising campaign that gives it enough visibility to have sales, our product does not exist. Having no sales is equal to the death of our business. This problem has become more acute with the evolution of new technologies and the acceleration of digital transformation. But not everything is there, the benefits of using it are extensive.

What are printing and advertising services?

An advertising agency takes care of this service. They offer professional advice to different brands on the guide they must follow to execute an advertising campaign.

Why is printing so important to advertising?

The invention and discovery of the printing press, and graphic reproduction techniques, was a great impetus for later advertising. The level of scope of companies to advertising and its ability to spread has been thanks to the path opened by the Printing Near Me press.

Why hire printing and advertising services?

printing service

As we have mentioned, the printing service consists of the systematic graphic reproduction of images and texts. Companies specialized in printing can offer services of:

  • Commercial printed matter: such as catalogs, labels, flyers, brochures, invitations, etc.
  • Non-commercial: Checkbooks, envelopes, manuals, etc.
  • Fiscal: Invoices, payroll, sales notes, etc.
  • Non-fiscal: Pre-invoices, installment receipts, etc.

printing methods

  • Offset: This is an indirect printing system derived from lithography. Thus it ends up forming the drawing, text, etc.
  •  There are different types of technology to apply.

There are also printers with additional services such as advice, graphic design, or promotion. 

Digital printing boom

It consists of the transfer of a digital image to a physical medium. This is the case for products such as clothing or paper. This technology allows advertising at a low cost and longer duration, it happens to be in real life. 

Examples of digital printing

  • Mail: These letters bear the stamp of commercial printing. 

Main advantages

  • Offers more options: Digital printing has innumerable options, being able to print almost anything.

conventional advertising

An advertising service is a means of communication that seeks to influence people’s consumption behavior through advertising campaigns or actions. The purpose is that the potential client ends up carrying out an act of consumption reflected in a sale. Since marketing exists, there has been the desire to communicate what we sell and offer.

Why bet on digital advertising?

The current pandemic has brought a point of no return in digital transformation. We are at the right time to bet on printing services and online advertising. The profile of the new consumers has become much more independent. Try to search and compare the products or services you find, you are a much more informed customer. Hence, online advertising is the best way to reach all potential customers, allowing rapid interaction with them. This allows us to go knowing that new needs arise to cover them throughout the implementation of the strategy.

Types of online advertising

Within the printing and advertising services, some of the types of online advertising most offered by companies are:

Banner: It consists of an advertising space strategically placed in an area of ​​a blog or website. The Internet is one of the most used. They have evolved over time to incorporate new elements such as gifs, videos, or stickers. Google Adwords is a specific tool to boost your business with this type of advertising.

Pop-up: These are pop-up windows that appear every time you enter a website. They can become annoying and intrusive, hence they do not have such a good reputation.

Email marketing: It is one of the oldest advertising services on the web. It consists of sending mass emails to a target audience.
Mobile advertising: It consists of those messages that seek to adapt to mobile media. Smaller, more manageable, and less intrusive than others that can occupy the entire screen.

Social media advertising: It can take various forms such as wall ads, sponsored links, or advertising content such as posts.

Advantages of the online advertising service

Comunicare offers you the best printing and advertising service

At Comunicare we are a digital marketing agency in charge of offering a series of 360 services that cover all the needs of your company. Among them, the media contracting service stands out with which we analyze which is the most effective for you to advertise. In our consulting service, you can tell us about your business ideas and objectives, in order to develop the best strategic advertising campaigns that adapt to your conditions. We have diverse services to be able to advertise your company as advertising on Amazon, social networks, email marketing, content generation, or mobile marketing.

IWe are looking forward to getting to know your company, your expectations, and future plans.

Companies offering printing and advertising services

Study Icon

They offer logo design services, corporate advertising, and printing on many media. In addition, they have a digital marketing department for website design, online stores, and SEO.

Public Prent

For this, they have a team of professionals specialized in vinyl, posters, tarpaulins, etc. Their 25 years of experience endorse them as experts in printing services and online advertising.

 saxophone print

They not only offer the material but also advertising media, and products for events or for offices. Apart from the prices for its printing and advertising services, the free shipping of its products stands out.


In addition, they focus their actions on lean marketing.

Frequent questions

What are printing and advertising?

Printing is a mechanical technique based on the graphic reproduction of texts and images

In the commercial field, it seeks to influence a person’s consumption behavior.

What does printing contribute to advertising?

Thus, various print media can be recognized to deliver advertising based on specific content. This is the case with the flyer or brochure, the advertising poster, the roll-up, the tarpaulins, etc. Printing allows you to increase the reach of advertising to those audiences that are most reluctant to go online.

What is the importance of advertising media?

They are those used in the advertising industry to promote products or services.

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