Solar panel lamps are ideal to place outside and have a point of lighting where you need them. At lamparas we have several models of solar lamps for all surfaces. Solar wall sconces, solar beacons, portable solar panel lamps, garlands, and even solar street lights.

What are the advantages of solar panel lamps?

Solar panel lamps are perfect for lighting all kinds of outdoor areas. Especially indicated for signaling paths and access areas. Another of the functions that solar lamps have is as decorative ambient light, in outdoor areas such as terraces, gardens, or porches.

The light provided by these lamps is more than enough to illuminate at night and be able to see without difficulty. And the fact that they are self-sufficient lamps when using solar energy, they are a perfect element for true energy savings.

How does solar panel lighting work?

All solar lamps include a photovoltaic panel placed on top of the structure. In some cases, outdoor solar lights have a separate solar panel, separate from the main structure. Perfect to place in a sunny area, even if our lamp is in a shady area or indoors. 

These solar panels are capable of charging the lamp battery during daylight hours. Even on cloudy days, photovoltaic panels can charge the battery, although with less efficiency. Once you have the batteries recharged, the solar panel lamps will illuminate thanks to using LED Please cleick here. LED technology consumes very little energy to give a large amount of light.

Where do I need to place solar lamps?

Outdoor lamps with solar panel

Outdoor LED beacon with Torch solar panel that includes a spike with a maximum height of one meter. You can place the solar beacon on the peg and it will turn on automatically when it detects that there is little light. 

As you can see, this solar beacon has a fire or candle effect LED lighting. This effect resembles the light emitted by a candle or a torch, giving a very original decorative effect. In addition to its use as a beacon, this solar lamp will look great on your outdoor table to illuminate your alfresco dining.

Outdoor beacons with LED solar panel Kasp

Solar beacons from the Kasp collection are available in two sizes. These outdoor bollards do not require electrical installation, you can fix it to the ground if you want or use it as a portable solar lamp to illuminate different spaces. They have a power switch so you can turn them on when you need them.

You can place one or several Kasp solar panel lamps on your garden lawn or place them on your terrace table and have extra lighting. Their modern design makes them ideal for giving a modern touch, in addition to providing good lighting with its low-consumption LED with 9 hours of autonomy.

LED solar wall light with Elliot twilight sensor

Solar wall light with automatic twilight sensor. This small outdoor wall light is ideal for decorative lighting and signaling passageways. It has a twilight sensor through which, once it detects that it is getting dark, it turns on automatically. 

An ideal wall light to place near passageways and be able to signal or place on facades and corridor walls as ambient light. 

Solar LED beacon with movement sensor Karlo

This Karlo solar LED bollard includes a motion sensor that will detect you as you pass by, turning on the lamp for a few seconds. 

Solar lamps with a sensor like this Karlo beacon are ideal for being able to see where we step at night. 

This type of lamp with solar panels does not need installation. Thanks to the pickaxe or skewer that this beacon includes, you can easily stick it into the ground. Ideal to place in your garden or in a pot to have an automatic lighting solar lamp.

Portable lamp with solar panel LEO

Portable table lamp with LEO solar panel with bamboo structure. A natural-style solar panel lamp, perfect for placing on chillout terraces as decorative light. It includes a handle to be able to move the lamp and change its place every time you need its decorative light.

When you want to have dinner outdoors you can use this LEO solar lamp for extra lighting.

Wall light with solar panel LED Meribel

Meribel wall lights have a very elegant modern design, ideal for placing on the wall near access doors. This wall light has a motion sensor, designed for automatic lighting when you approach the wall light.

The motion sensor of this solar panel lamp has a detection range of 6 meters. When it detects movement, it will automatically turn on for several seconds, long enough to open a door or walk through an outdoor corridor.

Solar LED bollard with motion sensor Ryse

The Ryse LED solar bollard has a motion sensor ideal for placing on the sides of an exterior corridor. It has a solar panel that provides autonomy of up to 4 hours of light. 

The normal thing is to place several solar beacons on each side of the road for good lighting of the corridor or exterior path. 

BOB Solar LED Portable Lamp

The BOB solar panel lamp has a rustic design similar to the LEO model that we have presented before. Bob has a very practical handle to be able to change its position comfortably and its rustic style will look great in your garden or terrace.


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